T5W April 26, 2017

This is my first top five Wednesday. I don't know that I'll do these consistently because I seem to write when I have inspiration or finish a book, but I tried to get ahead so this topic wouldn't pass me by. Below are some authors that I love and can't wait for them to give me... Continue Reading →

Can you hear the music?

Vinyl by Sophia Elaine Hanson 4/5 stars Did you see the sweet cover? STUNNING. I saw a tweet of the second book, and its cover is beautiful as well. I looked into the series and found the first book, and man am I glad I did! I love the concept of this book, the idea... Continue Reading →

Bloody Loved This

I really like punny titles. I probably spend more time and effort coming up with a quirky title than I do reviews sometimes. They're just so fun! Anyways, on to my review... Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco 4/5 stars I'm not a big murder mystery reader, so I didn't think a book about... Continue Reading →

Speedy Quick Review

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall by Karole Cozzo 5/5 stars This book was fabulous! I have come across it multiple times this year and I finally decided to check it out, and it was a wonderful decision if I do say so myself. As my silly title says, this post is going to... Continue Reading →

The Best Princess Ever

The Wish Granter by C.J. Redwine 5/5 stars. I read this book over Spring Break. If you're interested in looking at the other books I finished click here. I have found the next Disney princess! Princess Arianna is the best princess I have ever read. Ever. Dubious? Let me tell you about her: She likes food.... Continue Reading →

Series I DNF

This post is going to feature 4 series that I read at least 2 of the books but won't be finishing the series. I Am Number Four. I loved the first book of this series. I thought the premise was unique and I love a good male protagonist. When I found out there were going to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait to Read This!

  Wait for Me by Caroline Leech This books slaughtered me in all the good ways (yes that is an oxymoron and you will understand soon). For this book, I noticed the gorgeous cover and read a lot of news about it. So I decided to add it to my spring break TBR list, and I... Continue Reading →

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